Council Members

CHAIRMAN The Right Reverend Tony Robinson SSC (to 2018)
VICE-CHAIRMAN Dr Lindsay Newcombe (to 2018)
SECRETARY The Reverend Ross Northing SSC (to 2018)
TREASURER Mr Jonathan Prichard (to 2017)


The Right Reverend Norman Banks SSC 
Bishop of Richborough
The Right Reverend Jonathan Baker
Bishop of Fulham
The Right Reverend Jonathan Goodall SSC 
Bishop of Ebbsfleet 
The Rt Revd Glyn Webster 
Bishop of Beverley 
The Reverend Paul Benfield SSC

Co-opted to the Executive Committee (to 2019)

Chairman of the Catholic Group in General Synod

Dr Richard Mantle

Co-opted to the Executive Committee (to 2019)

Mr Andrew Carter (National - to 2018)

Mrs Deborah Cartwright (Beverley - to 2020)
The Reverend Philip Corbett SSC (National - to 2018); Executive Committee member 

Mr George Crofts (Beverley - to 2020)
Mr Christopher Daubney (Richborough - to 2020)

The Reverend David Fisher (Ebbsfleet - to 2020)

Miss Ann George (Fulham - to 2020)

Brother Steven Haws CR (RooT - to 2017) 

The Revd Martin Hislop (Fulham - to 2020)

The Revd Graham Hollowood SSC (Beverley - to 2020)
The Reverend Prebendary David Houlding SSC (National - to 2018)

The Reverend Ian McCormack SSC (National - to 2018) 
The Reverend Edward Martin SSC (Richborough - to 2020)
Mrs Sarah Mowbray (Richborough - to 2020)
The Reverend Canon Martyn Neale SSC (Richborough - to 2020) 

Mrs Hannah Phillips (National - to 2018)
Mr David Smart (Ebbsfleet - to 2020) 
The Reverend Darren Smith SSC (Ebbsfleet - to 2020); Executive Committee member 

Mrs Mary Snape (Ebbsfleet - to 2020)
[one vacancy for a Beverley clergy member for 2016-2020]

The Reverend Canon Beaumont Brandie SSC (Scotland Committee) - to 2017

Mrs Sandra Fowles (Scotland Committee) - to 2017

The Rt Revd Roger Jupp SSC (Superior General, CBS) - to 2017

Mr Blair Radford (Ordinand) - to May 2018

The Reverend Nicolas Spicer SSC (Master-General, SSC) - to 2017



The Reverend Canon Philip Wyn Davies SSC (Credo Cymru)



Dr Colin Podmore attends all meetings of the Council.



For the purposes of elections the Church of England is divided into four areas:

  • Beverley (the Province of York)

  • Fulham (the Dioceses of London and Southwark)

  • Ebbsfleet (those dioceses for which the Bishop of Ebbsfleet is Provincial Episcopal Visitor)

  • Richborough (those dioceses for which the Bishop of Richborough is Provincial Episcopal Visitor, except the Dioceses of London and Southwark)