Members of the Executive Committee



Dr Lindsay Newcombe

Lay Vice-Chairman


Lindsay’s doctorate is in Mechanical Engineering. She is a specialist in orthopaedics at the British Standards Institution.

The Revd Ross Northing SSC

Clerical Vice-Chairman


Rector of Stony Stratford with Calverton


Mr Jonathan Prichard



Formerly Diocesan Secretary of the Diocese of Chichester

Elected by the Council

The Revd Philip Corbett SSC

Priest in Charge of St Stephen’s, Lewisham

The Revd Darren Smith SSC

General Secretary of the Additional Curates Society

Co-opted with the approval of the Council

The Revd Paul Benfield SSC

Co-opted for legal expertise


Vicar of St Nicholas, Fleetwood

Dr Richard Mantle

Co-opted for fundraising expertise


Director of Opera North

In Attendance