21. Parishes which have passed a resolution may rescind it at any time. The same procedures as are set out in paragraphs 18-19 should apply in relation to a PCC meeting which is to consider a motion rescinding a resolution. Parishes which have passed a resolution should review it from time to time, especially when a vacancy in a benefice arises.


Reviewing the resolution can involve reviewing how the arrangements under the recommendation are operating: are they satisfactory or do they need to be revised? Having this on the PCC’s agenda from time to time will also serve to remind people (and inform new members) of why the Resolution is needed.


Reviewing the Resolution does not mean that the PCC has to vote again. All that is needed is for a PCC agenda to include an item ‘To review the Resolution under the House of Bishops’ Declaration’. If the PCC is content with the working of the Resolution, the Minutes of the PCC should simply record that a discussion took place and include a distillation of the view arrived at.