26. The choice of a bishop to undertake ministry in respect of a parish which has passed a resolution is for the relevant diocesan bishop to make, again with a view to avoiding conflict with the theological conviction on this issue underlying its resolution. In all cases the choice should be made from among the male bishops who are members of the House of Bishops of the diocesan synod of that or another diocese of the Church of England.


27. As noted in paragraph 16, parishes which pass a resolution in one part of the country are entitled to expect equivalent treatment to that provided in another. In all cases the diocesan bishop should seek to ensure that pastoral and sacramental ministry is provided in accordance with the guiding principles set out in paragraph 5 above.


28. In addition the diocesan bishop and the bishop invited to minister to the parish should explore how they can best cooperate in a variety of ways to contribute to its welfare, resourcing and mission and in its relationship with the diocese.


29. The precise extent of the ministry entrusted to the bishop is for the diocesan to determine and is likely, for practical reasons to vary according to the pattern of episcopal ministry in that diocese and the extent of the bishop’s other commitments. But the expectation is that there will be many similarities with the range of responsibilities carried by any suffragan bishop within a diocese.


The requirement that bishops providing oversight under the Declaration must be members of a diocesan House of Bishops means that they cannot be retired. (Though retired bishops can of course assist them, for example by undertaking confirmations.)


Paragraph 22 describes the role of a bishop ministering under the Declaration as being ‘to provide oversight’. Paragraph 29 says that his ministry will be like that of a suffragan bishop. As the fifth Guiding Principle says, the provision is to be ‘pastoral and sacramental’. That means that it will involve responsibility for the life of the church and not just celebration of the Sacraments.