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Why should your Parish become a Forward in Faith Parish?

  • It would be secure in the knowledge that it is not alone; that it is part of an ever-growing network of parishes where orthodoxy is prized.

  • It is time for parishes of our integrity to stand up and be counted; to ensure that, when the General Synod debates what provision to make for those unable in conscience to receive the ministry of women priests and bishops, it understands clearly the numbers of parishes with which it is dealing.

  • It would be able to take its part in the democratic structure which is Forward in Faith; each Registered Parish is entitled to send two delegates - one clerical and one lay - to the annual Forward in Faith National Assembly.

  • It would be able to avail itself of discounts on advertising in Forward in Faith publications, on the Forward! weekly Pew Sheet and (coming soon) have a Parish Website designed, created and hosted by Forward in Faith.

  • It would play its part in supporting financially the vital work of Forward in Faith at this vital juncture in the life of our Church; by way of annual subscription, we ask a minimum of only £50, payable by Banker's Order. (Many parishes pay in excess of the minimum, often in monthly or quarterly instalments.)

So please take the decision, before it's too late!

Download the Application Form here

Complete the Application Form and the Banker's Order, and return them both to:

Forward in Faith, 2A The Cloisters, Gordon Square, London WC1H 0AG
Tel: 020 7388 3588     Fax: 020 7387 3539

Registered Charity no. 1057246

We affirm the Faith of the Church as revealed
in Scripture and Tradition.

We proclaim our Faith through the Creeds,
the Sacraments and the apostolic ministry of
bishops and priests of the Universal Church.

We seek a guaranteed ecclesial structure in
which we can pass the Faith on to our
children and grandchildren.

We have a vision for unity and truth and we are going
Forward in Faith.

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