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Women in the Episcopate: Reference to the Dioceses
Feb 17, 2014

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Women in the Episcopate: Reference to the Dioceses


The diocesan synods will shortly be voting on the Women in the Episcopate legislation – a draft Measure and a draft Canon.


This legislation forms part of a package which also includes a House of Bishops’ Declaration (containing provisions that will replace Resolutions A and B and the Episcopal Ministry Act of Synod) and a Resolution of Disputes Procedure, both of which we warmly welcome.


Only the Measure and the Canon will be the subject of formal voting in the diocesan synods. When legislation is referred to the dioceses because it touches the sacraments of the Church, Forward in Faith believes that synod members should give their votes according to principle and conscience. For members of Forward in Faith that is likely to involve voting against the Measure and the Canon because, for reasons of theological conviction, we cannot endorse the ordination of women to the priesthood and episcopate. This will be the only opportunity for members of diocesan synods to vote on the principle in accordance with their theological convictions.


We wish to underline that in making this recommendation we are not seeking to hinder progress towards a final resolution of this issue. It is important that this is made clear in diocesan synod debates. We are conscious that at this stage in the process only simple majorities are required.


We were encouraged that, when members of the General Synod voted against the relevant parts of the legislation at the February group of sessions, the fact that they felt obliged to do so as a matter of integrity was widely accepted. We trust that similar understanding will be shown in the diocesan synods.


On behalf of the Council:



The Rt Revd Jonathan Baker          Dr Lindsay Newcombe           The Revd Ross Northing

Chairman                                            Lay Vice-Chairman                 Clerical Vice-Chairman


17 February 2014

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