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There is a branch of Forward in Faith in almost every diocese of the Church of England.

  • The Newcastle Branch also covers the Diocese of Carlisle.
  • The Norwich Branch also covers the Diocese of Ely.

The following areas of the Diocese of Oxford are covered by neighbouring branches:

  • North Buckinghamshire (postcode MK): Peterborough
  • South Buckinghamshire and East Berkshire (postcodes HP and SL): London
  • Reading (postcode RG): Guildford


Contact branches


Some branches can be contacted via the Enquiry Form.


Branch Regulations


The regulations governing branches of Forward in Faith are available here.




The Model Rules for Branches state: 'Branch activities should comply with the Safeguarding Policy of the relevant diocese or (where an activity is organized for members from a larger area) the diocese in which the activity occurs.'


Branch websites


Some branches have their own websites, to which there are links below: