Forward in Faith welcomes reference to the Independent Reviewer

Posted on the 24th Mar 2017

Forward in Faith welcomes reference to the Independent Reviewer


Forward in Faith welcomes today’s statement from the Archbishops that they have asked the Independent Reviewer, Sir Philip Mawer, to address the concerns that have arisen in the Church following recent events relating to the See of Sheffield.


We are grateful for their formal statement that, as Archbishops, Primates and Metropolitans, they reaffirm their commitment, and that of the House of Bishops, to its Declaration and to the Five Guiding Principles.


We stand ready to engage with Sir Philip as he reviews the operation of the Declaration in respect of what was done over the last two years to inform and educate clergy and laity about the 2014 settlement, and also in respect of the recent nomination to the See of Sheffield and reactions to it. We trust that his report will correct the misrepresentation of the Declaration and of the Five Guiding Principles that has occurred.


The Archbishops’ call to pray openly for those with whom we disagree, and to demonstrate the mutual love which we are called to share, is something that all should take to heart.



The Rt Revd Tony Robinson



Forward in Faith's information about the House of Bishops' Declaration and the Five Guiding Principles, first published in January 2015, is available here.