Women Bishops: Statement from the Catholic Group in General Synod

Posted on the 14th Jul 2014

We are pleased that the spirit of reconciliation continued to be displayed during the debate and that the Church of England is committed to providing bishops and priests for our parishes enabling us to flourish in the life and structures of our Church.


We welcome the clear recognition that the introduction of women bishops is set within a broader process of discernment within the Anglican Communion and the whole Church of God.

While we are deeply concerned about the consequences for the wider unity of the whole Church, we remain committed to working together with all in the Church of England to further the mission of the Church to the nation, and to model a way of living and working together despite deeply-held differences.


Women Bishops: Statement from Forward in Faith

Posted on the 14th Jul 2014

Forward in Faith thanks its members who serve in the Catholic Group in General Synod for their faithful witness, and for the hard work that has secured the provision that enables us to look to the future with confidence.


We note that resolutions under the 1993 Measure and Act of Synod remain in force. We are preparing advice for parishes on replacing them after November with new resolutions under the House of Bishops’ Declaration.


We welcome the statement issued today by the Council of Bishops of The Society:




The Rt Revd Jonathan Baker

Bishop of Fulham



Prayer for the Catholic Group in General Synod

Posted on the 9th Jul 2014

Forward in Faith invites all of its members to pray for the members of the Catholic Group as the General Synod comes to debate final approval of the Women Bishops legislation. It is going to be a difficult and challenging time for our brothers and sisters in York. We wish them well and thank them for their witness to the Faith and their commitment to catholic order in the Church of England.

  JONATHAN FULHAM                            COLIN PODMORE

The Rt Revd Jonathan Baker                     Dr Colin Podmore

Chairman                                                       Director


The July 2014 Sessions of the General Synod

Posted on the 7th Jul 2014

The Chairman of the Catholic Group in General Synod, Canon Simon Killwick, has issued the following statement:


“Following the failure of the previous legislation in November 2012, the Catholic Group immediately called for round-table talks to agree on a new package which could be fast-tracked through the Synod.  These talks have been amazingly fruitful in that they have generated a new package which provides a way forward for everyone in the Church of England and the package is being fast-tracked through the Synod  with the added bonus in the creation of a much more positive atmosphere of trust, generosity and mutual respect.  We look forward to this new atmosphere pervading the debates at the forthcoming  Synod and beyond, so that we can all move forward as one.”


Please pray for the members of the General Synod, which meets in York from Friday 10 July to Tuesday 15 July:



The Consecration of Bishops

Posted on the 20th Jun 2014

Forward in Faith is grateful to the Archbishops for the attention they have given to the question of how bishops who will minister under the House of Bishops’ Declaration will be consecrated.


We welcome their recognition in GS Misc 1079 that special arrangements will be needed in respect of presidency and laying on of hands at some consecrations, in response to the theological convictions not merely of those to be consecrated but also of those to whom they will minister. We trust that all that is implied in the statement about the need for appropriate arrangements will be honoured.


The fifth of the guiding principles in the House of Bishops’ Declaration embodies a commitment to ‘pastoral and sacramental provision’, and paragraph 30 affirms ‘the importance of there continuing to be consecrations of bishops within the Church of England to enable such ministry to be provided’. If a female bishop were to preside or share in the laying on of hands at such consecrations, that would plainly frustrate their purpose. Male bishops who have joined in consecrating the women concerned will surely wish to show solidarity with them on such occasions.


We agree, naturally, with the statement which the Archbishops make regarding the exercise of their own ministry of ordination. We are pleased to note that the matter of presidency at ordination services has not been foreclosed, and we look forward to further consideration of this important question.



The Rt Revd Jonathan Baker








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