Women in the Episcopate: National Assembly Resolution

Posted on the 23rd Oct 2013

Meeting in London on 19 October, the Forward in Faith National Assembly received a presentation on developments regarding resolution on Women in the Episcopate since October 2012. It passed the following resolution:


That this Assembly


(a)       reaffirm our aspiration to flourish within the structures of the Church of England and make our full contribution to its life and mission;


(b)       request the General Synod and the House of Bishops to ensure that we have continued access to a ministry which will make this possible; and


(c)       thank those members of Forward in Faith who have participated in the facilitated conversations and in the Steering Committee for the Women in the Episcopate legislation with a view to achieving this.’


Moving the motion, Prebendary Sam Philpott said ‘This church of ours… needs a great dose of charity’. He called on the catholic constituency to ‘love this church’ and to ‘show this church how it can become a loving church again within its own communion in order that it might actually proclaim to the world the love of God’.


Forward in Faith, he said, had ‘a passion to belong to part of the Church that is strong and bold and flourishing and passionate about converting England’ and wanted to play its part. ‘All that we ask’, he added, ‘is that at the end of this process our church gives us the space in which we can live a catholic life, looked after by catholic bishops, catholic priests and catholic deacons’.


Fr Charles Razzall praised the motion as ‘positive, firm and irenic’, which was ‘where we certainly want to be in the future’. He pointed out that in the motion ‘ensure’ means ‘guarantee’ and ‘continue’ means ‘without limit of time’.


Replying, Fr Philpott said: ‘I long for a Church of England that may well have different views on this particular subject, but will so provide for its children that it can actually speak to a broken world about reconciliation with an authenticity that is simply not around in our world at this moment.’


The motion was passed nem. con.


‘Grow the Church and win souls for Christ’, says Forward in Faith Chairman

Posted on the 22nd Oct 2013

Addressing the Forward in Faith National Assembly, the organization’s Chairman, the Rt Revd Jonathan Baker, Bishop of Fulham, commented on the report on fresh legislative proposals for women in the episcopate considered by the General Synod in July.


He noted that the working party had unanimously agreed that catholics and evangelicals who are unable, on the grounds of theological conviction, to receive the ministry of women bishops or priests remain with the spectrum of Anglican teaching and tradition and that the Church of England would be committed to their flourishing within its life and structures.


Forward in Faith would be ‘watching like hawks to see that the promises, the commitments, contained in those words are honoured’. But ‘If the Church of England really does mean what it says, that we are to be given the space, the tools, the means whereby we can flourish, then we had better grasp every opportunity to occupy that space, to grow the Church, to win souls for Christ, to serve the people of this nation, and to build the Kingdom of God’.


Bishop Jonathan set out an agenda for this work, based on the growing relationship between Forward in Faith and the Society under the patronage of St Wilfrid and St Hilda and its bishops. ‘Above all’, he said, ‘We look for a renewal of our hearts and minds in the service of the Lord; a deepening of our prayer; a greater love for Jesus Christ, in the Blessed Sacrament, in the life of the Church, in the face of the poor.’


The Church in Wales' Decision on Women Bishops: Statement by Forward in Faith

Posted on the 13th Sep 2013

Forward in Faith regrets the decision of the Governing Body of the Church in Wales to authorize the ordination of women as bishops without first agreeing arrangements for those who, for theological reasons, will not be able to receive episcopal ministry from them.


We cannot see how a female bishop could be what a diocesan bishop should be – a Father in God and a focus of unity for all within his diocese. This vote therefore makes the question of the provision of episcopal ministry for those who continue to uphold catholic faith and order in the Church in Wales even more pressing.


Experience in Wales and elsewhere does not give us confidence that the promised ‘code of practice’ could offer the level of assurance that would encourage growth and flourishing – so sorely needed in Wales – or the degree of certainty that would remove the possibility of damaging and distracting disputes.


Our brothers and sisters in Credo Cymru will seek to enter into dialogue with the Welsh bishops. We can only hope that their representations will be met with the generosity of spirit that ought to be the hallmark of Christian episcopacy. Meanwhile, we continue to pray for and with our Welsh sisters and brothers, encouraging them to follow St David in being joyful and keeping the faith.


  JONATHAN FULHAM                                      

The Rt Revd Jonathan Baker, Bishop of Fulham                       



Forward in Faith seeks new Treasurer

Posted on the 5th Sep 2013

The Council of Forward in Faith seeks to appoint a (non-executive) Treasurer for a term of four years.


The Treasurer will

  • oversee financial administration of the Charity by the Director and staff
  • have relevant experience (e.g. in accountancy, or in financial oversight of a charity or small business, and in working with auditors)
  • be eligible to serve as a Trustee of the Charity
  • be able to attend Council and Executive meetings and meet the Director as necessary
  • be a member of Forward in Faith or willing to join.

Please send enquiries, expressions of interest and recommendations tocolin.podmore@forwardinfaith.com by 1 October 2013


Ordination of Canon Jonathan Goodall to be Bishop of Ebbsfleet

Posted on the 12th Aug 2013

Canon Jonathan Goodall SSC will be ordained to the episcopate in Westminster Abey on Wednesday 25 September 2013 at 11 am. 


For tickets, write - with a stamped addressed envelope - to:

Mr M. Arnoldi

Room 25

The Chapter Office

20 Dean's Yard

London SW1P 3PA


Tickets will be posted from the Abbey by 17 September.


The new Bishop will preside at Benediction at the Parish Church of St Alban the Martyr, Holborn, at 4 pm.







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