The House of Bishops' Declaration

The provisions for those who are unable, for theological reasons, to receive the ministry of women as bishops and priests are contained in the House of Bishops’ Declaration on the Ministry of Bishops and Priests. The text of the Declaration is available hereA commentary on the House of Bishops’ Declaration is available here.


Ordinands are required to indicate their assent to the Five Guiding Principles. The Five Guiding Principles are available as a credit-card size pull-out leaflet. A commentary leaflet is also available. Copies of either or both leaflets may be ordered (in multiples of 25) by emailing The Faith and Order Commission of the Church of England published The Five Guiding Principles: A Resource for Study in 2018. Printed copies of the booklet can be ordered hereWe support the movement to reaffirm the Five Guiding Principles (#reaffirm5): there is a logo here


The House of Bishops’ Declaration is supported by a Resolution of Disputes Procedure with an Independent Reviewer. Further information is available here.


Advice to PCCs and Parish Priests about passing and retaining Resolutions under the House of Bishops’ Declaration is available here. The advice booklet also includes advice on parish vacancies in general, including the process for appointing a new incumbent. 


A leaflet for PCC members about passing resolutions under the Declaration is available here. 

A leaflet about Communion and Full Communion is available here.

Copies of the leaflets (in packs of 25) may be ordered by emailing