Forward in Faith Scotland

  • Represents Christians from many different traditions within the Scottish Episcopal Church who share the vision of all those who seek to hold firm the traditional values of the Church handed on through the Apostles by Our Lord himself.

  • We are committed to doing all we can to find a way forward for traditional Scottish Episcopalians who find themselves in conscience unable to accept the ordination of women to the priesthood to continue to live with honour within the Church of their baptism.

  • When the General Synod of the Scottish Episcopal Church took the decision to ordain women to the priesthood the assurance was given that those who could not in conscience agree with the decision ... "would continue for all time to come to have a valued and respected place within the Scottish Episcopal Church".


  • Together we go Forward in Faith to proclaim the Faith once delivered to the Apostles under the motto of the Scottish Episcopal Church:

Evangelical Truth and Apostolic Order