Arrangements in relation to other places of worship


31. The cathedral is the seat of the bishop, who has the right to officiate there in accordance with the cathedral’s constitution and statutes. It is for this reason that, while some cathedrals are also parish churches, the House does not believe that the arrangements set out in the preceding paragraphs for the passing of resolutions can apply to cathedrals.


32. The House does not believe that gender or theological conviction in relation to the ordained ministry of women should be an obstacle to appointment as dean or cathedral canon. What matters is that all appointed to cathedral ministry are willing to work together in close partnership and with the highest possible degree of communion in the interests of the institution that they serve.


As no cathedral has a resolution under the existing legislation, the exclusion of cathedrals from passing resolutions is no loss.


Though the Act of Synod outlawed discrimination with regard to senior appointments, that provision was not honoured. No traditional catholics are now cathedral deans and fewer than a handful are residentiary canons. The Act of Synod had no enforcement mechanism. In future we shall be able to raise the systemic or institutional discrimination that this situation surely reflects as a concern with the Independent Reviewer.