Living in Love and Faith (LLF)

Posted on the 26th Jun 2024

26th June 2024

As we have our own settlement dating back to 2014, and benefit from the episcopal provision which goes with that settlement, it would not be appropriate for us to sign the Alliance's letter of today's date.

For the avoidance of doubt, we want to make clear - via this short statement - our wholehearted support for:

1. The Society bishops' statement of today's date.

2. The statement from 11 Church of England bishops of today's date, expressing concerns about the LLF process.

3. A settlement to be reached with all those who cannot in good conscience go along with the developments being proposed, and which are starting to be put in place, through the LLF process.

Fr Adam Gaunt, Chair of the Catholic Group in General Synod
Emma Joy Gregory, Vice-Chair of the Catholic Group in General Synod
Tom Middleton, Director of Forward in Faith



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